Östrand Pulp Mill, a world leading pulp producer.
Östrand Pulp Mill, a world leading pulp producer.

“Our new premium NBSK pulp has outstanding properties. This vitally includes a highly robust tensile strength and not least -the best environmental profile on the market”, says Jessica Sjöberg, Product Manager, SCA Pure. Jessica continues: “Naturally our new pulp complies with both FSC® (FSC C013162) and PEFC™ (PEFC/05-33-132).

SCA Pure is available as both TCF and ECF, in a broad range to meet specific customer demands”. SCA owns the largest private forest holdings in Europe, a well-managed, constantly growing asset in Northern Sweden, roughly the size of Belgium. For every tree harvested, SCA plants at least two new. “In fact, 43 million seedlings has been planted during the summer”, it´s a truly circular process says Jessica.



Increased demand for certified premium pulp

Henning Ellström, VP of Sales and Marketing: “Here, up north, in the cold climate of Northern Sweden, trees grow slowly resulting in strong and slender fibres ideal for making high-quality pulp”.

“Today, consumers demand constantly improving pulp products, with reduced impact on the environment. In our vast, constantly growing forests we also care for biodiversity, 21% productive forest land is set aside for natural conservation”, says Henning Ellström, VP of Sales and Marketing. Billions of people around the world can now afford to use fibre based tissue and hygiene products for the first time, and a rapidly ageing population in several large markets propels the demand for convenient hygiene products.

Add to that the huge need for the world to replace fossil-based materials such as plastic, where pulp will play an important role.
The result is increased demand for pulp. But not just for any pulp. The demand is for top class certified pulp. From trees harvested in carefully managed forests. Produced in energy-efficient processes that use resources wisely.


SCA is an independent producer of premium pulp, having produced pulp for almost 100 years


Consumers doubt us

Henning Ellström, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Since climate issues are a hotter topic than ever. SCA wanted to know what consumers around the world really thought. What do consumers know about products made from trees? What do they know about fibre-based products and environmental certifications?

Do consumers perceive fibre-based products as recyclable? Do consumers see the forest as a renewable resource?
“Therefore we conducted a global survey, covering all the major markets in Europe, US and China. The results of the survey were an eye-opener for us. We need to be better at communicating the strong environmental profile we have, not least how well we manage our forests. Environmental certification is not enough.

60% of the consumers believes that our forest is a scarce and decreasing resource. And they do not believe that our forests are managed sustainably”, explains Henning. “The result clearly shows that our industry has a challenge. We need to help each other to communicate that the forests in Europe are actually a growing, well-managed asset, especially in the Nordic region.
In Sweden, we have twice as much forest as one hundred years ago. And growing forests make an important contribution in absorbing carbon dioxide”, summarizes Henning.


SCA Pure is a pure commitment to the environment, and our customer’s bottom line. Produced in energy-efficient processes that use resources wisely, and sourced from our own forests. Jessica Sjöberg, Product Manager,SCA Pure