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ICM Machinery proudly introduced in 2022 a new non-stop consumer rewinder line for customers in need of high converting capacity. The line performs 700 meters per minute of rewinding, equal to 40 logs per minute of log transfer with 270 cuts per minute of Logsaw capacity. The line is equipped with high-tech automation which allows end-user friendly operation of the complete line. Moreover, main features that are supported with production instructions include quick job change, constant rewinding quality from first sheet until last sealed sheet, Safe Pneumatic, Safe Hydraulic, and Safe Drive (Safe-Speed Monitoring, Safe torque off). And it offers even more features like remote control, energy efficiency, and plug-and-use-device functions as basic line features.

A new era of rewinding experience - The TOROS Converting Line.

Success is not coincidence

What inspired us to invent TOROS? Our customers needed a line capable of going to the sector limits and staying within a reasonable budget. TOROS is named after the Taurus Mountain chain, and it was our inspiration. We have designed it to include competitive, powerful and respect-worthy features in it. It is a priceless feeling to serve our customers the best and put into practice our R&D department’s many years of experience in manufacturing machinery at ICM.

Company profile

Çınar Ulusoy, Co-Founder.
Çınar Ulusoy, Co-Founder.

ICM is pleased to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. The company offers customers all of their needs for Rewinders, Folders, and Packaging solutions, from mother reel up to packaging. Our vast portfolio includes 24 machines divided in 3 segments: Eco Lines, Performance Lines, and Ultimate Lines. ICM has its own agency offices and branches all around the world and aims to serve the most outstanding service experience.
Even during the pandemic, ICM resolved and filled all of their customer requests on time and with its own service team. ICM aims to create machinery with user-friendly technology and implement Industry 4 capability in its machinery.
Our company’s in-house R&D facility and assembly production plants fulfill all of our customers’ needs. Representative offices are located in Germany, Finland, Equator, Russia, Taiwan, and the USA. You can visit us at all MIAC, Tissue World Istanbul-Miami-Dusseldorf, PAP-FOR, and CIDPEX events.

  • ICM is one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Turkey.
  • According to 2020 data of the economy and business portal Turkish Time, ICM Machinery has been included in the review, “Research of 250 Companies with the highest R&D expenditures in Turkey.”
  • In 2020, ICM Machinery became one of the Top 5 Exporters of paper and printing machinery manufacturers in Turkey.
  • 22 worldwide approved patent registrations.
ICM Headquarters are located next to the beautiful Gulf of ı˙zmit in ı˙zmit, Turkey.



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