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As a division of the Hannecard Group, we offer a complete service, from pulp production to converting, from new rolls and roll repairs to roll coverings and technical support. All backed by a strong global network and highly experienced teams.

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You can count on us for the sale and engineering of new rolls and repairs, but also for the development of custom cost-reduction oriented solutions. A few examples? Nip profile optimisation, low-energy absorption covers and efficient dewatering solutions, such as the Surface Manager software, which allows you to optimize the cover surface design in order to lower the nip draining time. We can also perform a roll audit, both during operation and machine shutdown, provide any type of roll body and covers, and even assist you with your start-up. In a nutshell, Hannecard Paper is your trusted partner, from A to Z, for TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) solutions.


A customer-oriented approach, innovation and quality

Hannecard Paper can count on a highly specialised team of technical experts and collaborations with leading paper institutes. That allows us to offer a wide range of custom solutions and services, including the development of specific covers. Innovation and quality lie at the heart of our activities. We constantly monitor technological developments to improve the efficiency of paper machines and to push the limits of our covers. Our in-house R&D laboratory is equipped to take charge of quality control during the production process. We also have the equipment and expertise required for the measurement of the dynamical, mechanical, thermal, tribological, chemical and surface properties of our covers. We can optimise cover bonding resistance in the nip vs. nip load, speed, temperature and chemicals, in both wet and dry environments.

Last but not least, we comply with strict industry standards and regulations. We have ISO 9001 Quality certification, our compound measurement tolerances are in line with ISO 6123 standards and we respect the “REACH” standards, i.e. the European Union Regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.

The growth has been characterized by a strong international focus and a commitment to improving service in local markets


We offer a wide range of services for the paper industry, from the repair of used rolls to the replacement or delivery of new rolls, and the development of roll covers and coatings for all types of paper production.

Our priorities? Listening to our clients to find the solutions that best meet their needs and optimise: maintenance costs, machine efficiency and paper quality.

Roll covering

• New covering or recovering, in any position of the paper mill, from pulp preparation to converting. At our workshop: polyurethanes, composites, rubbers and carbides. On site: carbides

• Grinding (drilling and/or grooving). At our workshop: all types of covers. On site: cylindrical grinding on metallic or carbide-covered rolls • Inspection & expertise • Repair & cleaning • Optimisation.


Mechanical roll services

• Complete overhaul (including cleaning, washing and spare parts replacement according to the needs identified during disassembly & inspection)
of suction press rolls, suction couch rolls – crown-controlled rolls such as Kusters, CCRolls and Nipco, including a test run with a hydraulic bench • Spreader rolls overhaul, all brands (Mount Hope, Wittler, Plastex, Robec, Irga, Finbow, Tuvasa, Gorostidi, Kickert, Technomec, Hansen, Tevo, etc) • Journal replacement • Bearing seat repairs • Non-destructive tests (crack tests): upon request, we can conduct ultrasonic, magnetic particle and colour tests in order to check for cracks on rolls and journals, so as to limit the risk of major mechanical failures • Dynamical balancing at machine speed • Cleaning and Painting.


Roll bodies

• New rolls (cores, shells and spreader rolls) • Inspection & expertise • Repair & cleaning • Optimisation.


Various services

• Paper machine audit • Rolls & doctoring inspections during machine shutdown • Profile measurements • Thermographic analysis • Creation of roll drawings from 3D geometrical controls • Chemical resistance optimisation • Start-up assistance • NIP optimisation: to verify the performance of the grinding profile, we can make nip impressions (static and dynamic) in machines and conduct a wear-profile analysis • New transport boxes.



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