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A.Celli Paper, the Group’s division dedicated to the tissue and paper market, has always adopted a strategy based on forming long-term partnerships.

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A.Celli Paper is proud to offer an extensive range of products and advanced solutions for complete turnkey plants, the manufacturing and rebuilding of tissue paper machines and of rewinders for tissue, paper and cardboard, and machinery for handling and packaging of the finished product. This is all made possible with ongoing research and development and the use of high-end digital systems in continuous evolution.

A.Celli Paper can handle every aspect of setting up a complete plant: from the engineering to the supply of machines and equipment, as well as assistance with assembly and commissioning of the machinery, and training of the customer’s staff, offering the benefit of its know-how. The company motto, “one source, one responsibility”, expresses the willingness of A.Celli Paper to work with the customer and undertake to design and supply everything necessary, providing an absolute guarantee. The company’s core business, the design and building of turnkey plants, is divided into six main sections:


1. Engineering & Process – personalised design of plants and machinery, with a focus on energy savings and efficiency.


2. iDEAL® Tissue Machines – developed with the most advanced technologies and managed by intelligent software, they guarantee maximum performance and can be adapted to the customer’s specific needs. The range of iDEAL® models supports speeds up to 2,000 m/min, web width from 2,850 mm to 5,600 mm and reference production up to 260 t/d, using virgin fibre, recycled paper and bamboo. A.Celli tissue machines are based on crescent former technology and feature a headbox of exclusive design. The X-Roll® system, another company patent, is energy efficient and can increase dryness after the pressing phase, preserving the bulk of the paper: an alternative to the classic shoe press, simpler in terms of both installation and maintenance. The A.Celli FORGED YD® Yankee, an exclusive A.Celli patent, is seamless and with bolted heads and has a structure made with a single piece of steel which ensures greater resistance over time and less maintenance. The shell has internal grooves of innovative design that allow for better heat exchange and, therefore, reduced consumption. The final part of the A.Celli tissue machine is the pope reel with center winder technology, which maintains the tension of the web to improve winding and increase the overall efficiency of the machine.

In the global paper and nonwovens markets with top-range technological solutions for over 75 years.

A.CELLI Tissue Rewinder.

3. E-WIND® Tissue & Paper Rewinder – a range of rewinding machines for tissue paper and structured paper, with an innovative design and a medium to high reference production, designed and built for high speeds and superior performance to maintain the high quality of the final product. They can be equipped with a Slittomatic® cutting system and controlled by new generation software that offers high levels of integration, tracking and digitisation, guaranteeing maximum performance and safety.


4. R-WAY® Integrated Solutions – integrated end-of-line solutions, able to manage and optimise the Roll Handling & Packaging processes, from preparation to storage, up to the shipment of goods. The R-WAY® also includes the phases of palletising, packaging and weighing, and even handling of the finished reels using AGVs – automatic guided vehicles.
The R-WAY® system offers extremely advantageous solutions for the management of automated warehouses which, today, are dynamic and intelligent environments, where there is room for robotics and information technology.

A.CELLI R-WAY - Automatic Warehouse.


Extreme Automation,
Industry 4.0.

5. Extreme Automation® – Digital solutions is a business unit of the A.Celli Group entirely dedicated to the development of software solutions for machine data management, analysis and control, from the perspective of Industry 4.0.
Machine Learning technologies have been implemented as part of the projects developed by Extreme Automation, which include an advanced DCS of innovative design, for predictive maintenance and optimisation of the working parameters of the machinery. The new “smart” machines are able to monitor, analyse, store and process data, providing optimal solutions aimed at improving product quality and the production cycle, while reducing downtime, human error and consumption.


6. 2-CARE® – A.Celli Paper’s customer service is an important, helpful, skilled and efficient department in continuous evolution. It is dedicated to offering its customers and its business partners prompt assistance and collaboration over the long term. The Customer Care department handles the upgrading and retrofitting activities of tissue machines, winder and slitter rewinders both for tissue and for paper, as well as after-sales assistance and the supply of spare parts.


Excellent technical assistance and services for the maintenance and improvement of machinery everywhere in the world.


A.Celli Group, firmly established on the social media, has recently revamped its website and now it presents the new “From machines to words: A.Celli’s blog”, a blog about technologies and topics of interest that allows the user to keep interactively abreast of the latest developments in the entire sector of hygienic products.



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