2018 at Paper Converting Machine Company Italia: a year characterized by sustainability, innovation, evolution. Because quality passes through care

Two are the main protagonists of PCMC’s news in 2018: technology and the finished product. A new roll becomes a reality, uniting all the inimitable characteristics of made-in-Italy technology signed PCMC.

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Pcmc’s Carevolution: the new outlook on tissue

Paper Converting Machine Company is people working daily for a common goal: doing extraordinary things. Our enthusiasm and passion have rewarded us with a leadership position in the production of converting machines for tissue and nonwovens and for flexographic printing. PCMC is people working each day in different time zones and speaking different languages, but all with the same proactive attitude focused on improvement to satisfy our customers and grow together.

Our philosophy puts people at the center of the company. At PCMC, each of us is well aware of the importance of our role in the organization and in customer relationships. Our principle “responsible freedom” translates into being free to ask for support and being responsible for the positive outcome of our work; carrying out our job well, loving what we do, desirous to do our best. Involvement increases efficiency and collaboration, and professional growth is strongly linked to personal fulfillment. This philosophy centered on human value has yielded major results: low employee turnover, stability of the management group, increase in the number of employees and the establishment of a permanent professional growth plan. For our customers, it means enjoying a better technology and product, because for us, quality passes through care. A virtuous cycle where the attention by people for people is transmitted from people to the machines and enriches our product with skill and dedication. Care is a journey; care is our cornerstone.


PCMC is made up of people working every day for a common goal: doing extraordinary things


Company profile

Sergio Casella, President of Paper Converting Machine Company Italia.

Present on the world market for 98 years, PCMC offers its customers a unique global proposal for standard and customized solutions covering the entire converting process for toilet rolls, kitchen towels, table napkins and industrial rolls; packaging, multi-substrate flexographic printing and printing systems for the flexible packaging industry.

The only company with two production sites in Europe and in the United States, the only one with two facilities where people think up, design and manufacture our products. PCMC also has representation offices in Germany, the UK, Japan, China and Mexico, with a worldwide staff of over 1000 people. The synergetic work between the Italian and US divisions has always been the stronghold of PCMC, and guarantees customers solutions focused on product innovation and on optimizing production processes. Sales activities in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America are managed by the PCMC Italia division, headquartered in Lucca – renowned world tissue hub – while the North American and Canadian markets are handled by the Green Bay facility. Since 2005 the company is part of the group Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc., (St. Louis, Missouri – USA), world leader in the supply of technology for paper and cardboard converting, packaging technology, consultancy and services for a wide range of industries.


A prime example of the synergy between the two corporate divisions is the FORTE brand, the rewinder known the world over for its conceptual simplicity and an unequalled finished product. FORTE’s success are three winding rolls whose motion is controlled by high-precision fine automation to convert perfectly soft toilet and kitchen towel rolls at high speed.

FORTE takes attentive care of every single detail of the log growth process. Perfect pick-up on the cardboard core, stable log formation and a uniform winding profile along the entire log length; high production speed, bulky, unaltered embossing from first to last sheet: these are just some of the features of PCMC’s signature made-in-Italy technology.

The advantages of the simplicity of a perfect geometry like the FORTE’s have inspired PCMC to apply the same guidelines on all the other machines of the line by introducing the new ‘Fine Automation’ philosophy, i.e. extreme care for every aspect of the automation process.



State of the art technology - FORTE Converting Line.

PCMC on its way to IT’s Tissue

2018 is the year of a new edition of It’s Tissue, the global event for the field, and the year that PCMC presents some important novelties. Sustainability, innovation, evolution and care: the company’s benchmarks summed up in a new term: Carevolution – We’ve got the real Tissue Solution. Technology focused on continuous evolution and above all on the finished product. A new roll becomes a reality and that unites all the inimitable characteristics of made-in-Italy technology signed PCMC. PCMC’s new Carevolution has applied the same innovation and sustainability criteria to packaging, and during the IT’s Tissue Open House, a new concept of primary and secondary packaging will be on demonstration, so be prepared to see something unique in the world of consumer rolls. PCMC and Carevolution: the perfect combination for leading-edge technology!


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