100% Carbon-Fiber expanding shaft allows both faster max speeds and acceleration/deceleration

New expanding, multi-bladder shaft for counter-roller tissue rewinding machines delivers better energy efficiency, tissue production and operator control precision

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With the intention of maximizing mechanical performance and lightness, Svecom Carbon Fiber combines the experience accumulated in over 60 years of production of expanding shafts with the advantages deriving from the use of carbon fiber. The process includes a production system that allows the construction of tubes with different mechanical characteristics for the construction of expanding shafts, through the use of Filament Winding and Roll Wrapping technology.

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Fig. 1: Carbon fiber offers much higher critical speeds,
compared to traditional and hybrid shafts.
Fig. 2: Weight is greatly reduced as well,
giving numerous benefits.

100% Carbon-Fiber Expanding Shaft

The Italian technology company Svecom-P.E. has introduced a new patented expanding shaft made entirely of carbon fiber, CF.
The new multi-bladder expanding shaft has three ledges and offers mechanical properties which are unique in the market. A major benefit of the new carbon fiber shaft is that it now allows operators to exceed the usual speed limits for 3’’ core diameters on tissue rewinders, thus allowing them to run at mechanical speeds of over 1200 m/min.


Reach operating speeds four times faster

The new 100% carbon fiber multi-bladder expanding shaft has been specifically designed to meet today’s higher technical requirements on counter-roller rewinding machines. This makes it possible to get very fast acceleration and deceleration times and also reach the operating speed much earlier than traditional shafts. Operating speeds are reached four times faster compared to traditional shafts, consequently increasing the overall productivity. The light nature of carbon fiber also allows much higher maximum operating and peak speeds, with no vibrations from the shaft while achieving them. Critical speeds increase significantly: +98% compared to steel shafts, +119% compared to aluminium shafts, +35% compared to aluminium shafts with carbon inserts (Fig. 1).

Lower weight gives benefits too

As a further benefit, carbon fiber shafts have a lower specific weight, thus reducing the energy required to operate them in the machine. The specific weight is 65% lower than steel shafts, 20% lower than aluminum shafts and 32% lower than a carbon shafts with aluminium inserts (Fig. 2). A higher elastic module also grants greater stiffness and consequently, upon application of a high load, the shaft will undergo minimal deformations. The 100% carbon fiber expanding shaft represents a real revolution for such expandable systems and is an innovation based upon Svecom’s lengthy experience with these materials, as well as close collaboration with a leading company in the carbon sector for military and sports applications. The 100% CF solution allows a wide range concerning the geometry of shafts, and therefore the ability to satisfy the customer’s needs.

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