Proxitalia is the Italian subsidiary of Protex International (Synthron), a medium-sized independent company. Its business is to develop, to produce and to market chemical and biochemical specialties for various industries.
Thanks to its constant innovation and its broad spectrum of expertise (from chemical synthesis to polymerization and formulation); Proxitalia meets its customer’s expectations in their strategy of development of high performance products from a technological as well as an ecological standpoint.
Producer of unique and solution solving additives due to cross-fertilization with additives from other markets, for the whole paper making process.
Proxitalia also produces selective platting for industrial plant for paper production and other markets.
It is present with its own subsidiaries in 20 countries; it also has a wide network of agents that enables it to sell its products in more than 60 countries. This organization offers a local service to both its international and local customers.


address: Via delle Arti 33, 20863, Concorezzo (VR) , Italy

phone: +39 335 5433278

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