Plusline S.r.l.


It has its headquarters in Bologna’s packaging valley, and a team of highly experienced technicians and professionals behind it, whose
in-depth knowledge of the product andthe production process guarantees reliability and results.
In addition to its in-house expertise, Plusline has also formed a strategic partnership with Futura to develop joint projects and perform cutting-edge technology trials.
Plusline introduces a new era in packaging. You are about to enter an age in which technology will dramatically simplify the user experience, redefine product protection and deliver improved, sustainable productivity.
In short, an era in which you will have everything you’ve been looking for.


address: Via Balzani 14/A, 40069, Zola Pedrosa - BOLOGNA, Italy

phone: +390510224076

email website


General Manager
Simone Gozio

Sales Manager
Marian Balcanu

Chief Technical Officer
Christian Zagnoni


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