FactoryPal GmbH

FactoryPal GmbH


Founded in 2020, FactoryPal is the first independent corporate venture born from Körber, one of the biggest machine producers in the world. FactoryPal supports both continuous and batch production shop floors and was designed with the complexities of Industry 4.0 in mind. FactoryPal is the trusted co-pilot that empowers shop floors to achieve seamless operations and optimized production by providing production and condition monitoring and machine settings management for optimal efficiency and productivity. FactoryPal brings manufacturers significant OEE increase, reduce machine downtimes, and cut down on documentation time with IoT and AI technology. FactoryPal is committed to strengthening global production capacities amid an increasing shortage of skilled workers.




address: Max-Urich-Straße 3, 13355, Berlin, Germany

phone: +491718153659

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Dr. Nadja Hatzijordanou

Marketing Manager
Victoria Meyer

Head of Sales
Pawel Mrowinski