Aerothermic S.r.l.

Aerothermic S.r.l.


AEROTHERMIC (now AEROTHERMIC brand) was established in 1973, is operating in the paper industry and is continuously searching for the best technical solutions, to meet the needs of its customers.

To achieve this goal, every year we invest in research and development, and some of our products are tested and studied on our pilot plants, before being launched on the market.

AEROTHERMIC has decades of experience and can count on professional technicians and workers, who helps achieving optimal levels of quality and reliability of the product, together with a cost reduction policy.

With a continuous process of production optimization, we are able to manage the entire production cycle, from designing to manufacturing and installation of machinery, up to an efficient after-sales service.


address: Via della Contea 24, 55015, Montecarlo (Lucca) , Italy

phone: +39 0583 496040

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Giuliano Cacini

Luca Cacini

Technical Manager
Giampiero Squaglia

Marco Cacini

Stefano Giorgetti, Silvio Renieri, Maurizio Matteucci, Filippo Passaglia