Sael, at Papiro Sarda Paper Mill will provide the complete Drive’s – MCC and automation control system DCS, for PM1

Sael, at Papiro Sarda Paper Mill will provide the complete Drive’s – MCC and automation control system DCS, for PM1
Papiro Sarda Paper Mill in Italy.

Papiro Sarda Paper Mill in collaboration with SAEL for more than 20 years, in the coming months is preparing a large investment on its paper machine. The investment concerns the rebuilding of several parts on the machine (main contractor Tecnopaper): partial rebuilding in stock preparation and new implementation for size press, dryers, vacuum, pope reel, steam and hoods.

The start-up is programmed for March 2024 and involving SAEL on controlling several functions for energy saving, aiming to increase production-quality of the paper and efficiency of the machine.

Andrea Barsanti, CEO of Papiro Sarda Papermill, decided to change not only the drive and automation system of the board machine – but also their mentality – choosing SAEL to be the supplier. “With Sael philosophy, we want to give to the customer the ONE and only solution for all their challenges, saving time and money but also providing no less than the most updated and revolutionary technology existing in the market. The SAEL scope on this project is to provide to Papiro Sarda, the new extended cabinets of AC drives, a new MCC to manage all the new implemented motors-sensors and the DCS for all the plant. Platform ONE drives and a complete DCS Scalink to manage the paper machine, is the best way to reduce the costs of spare parts, faults, and substitution timing. With Platform ONE drives, Papiro Sarda Papermill will have the possibility to keep only ONE electronic card as a spare part. The old electrical cabinets will be extended, creating a new long-life, completely digital drive and automation system to last,” said Paolo Andrighetti, Sales Manager Paper Division SAEL.

With the new DCS Scalink, with two 24-inch screens installed in 3 different engineering stations – with redundancy system integrate – inside the paper mill, will be able to have in hand the complete machine, and to control their production in a perfect way. Above to that, new control desks will be distributed along the paper machine, to give a completely new prospect and dynamic to the operators of the paper mill, having the possibility to control in an absolute way the complete process, from the formation of the paper to the Pope reel.

In the future it is also possible to include in the DCS Scalink, other existing PLC around the paper mill’s process, such as stock preparation, energy control, REDI (Collection, Processing and Factory Data Storage), Big data, Data mining, etc. In this way we give to the paper mill the possibility to gather all in one system and perform in the best possible way.

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