Pro-Gest Group started production at the Mantua Paper Mill in Italy

Pro-Gest Group started production at the Mantua Paper Mill in Italy
Mantua Paper Mill in Italy.

Pro-Gest Group started production at the Mantua paper mill. This comes a month after the start of the thermoelectric plant last October 26th, and the mill is now getting ready to move to full capacity with the employment of 150 people when fully operational, in addition to about 500 workers in related industries.

Finally, one of the most important industrial projects in the paper making industry of the last 50 years takes off, after a complex and troubled process of Environmental Impact Assessment and the release of all authorizations for the doubling of production capacity, with the favorable opinion of all government Bodies participating in the Services Conference.

This is a project, which, as all interested bodies have verified (Province and Municipality of Mantua, the Health Protection Agency, ARPA, the Fire Department, the Mincio River Park Authority, the Regional Technician and the Superintendency of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage) perfectly combines the health requirements and the respect for the environment with the need of work and industrial development. This is not just a technologically advanced paper mill that will produce 400,000 tons / year of highly innovative and 100% recycled products, but above all a concrete example of circular economy that sets new goals for sustainable development.

It is an industrial complex which for technological innovations has no comparison in Europe and which has led to a major redevelopment compared to the previous configuration of the former Burgo paper mill. The Pro-Gest Group, after having done its utmost in terms of investments, now starts the production activity after having complied with all the requirements and completed the planned works and improvements with the necessary authorizations, as well as having completed the restoration in line with the environmental, monumental and cultural mandatory requirements to which the building, designed by the known architect Nervi, is subject. With pride Pro-Gest can affirm that a situation extremely complex under many aspects has been handled and resolved to bring to the recovery of an important industrial site otherwise destined to be abandoned.

The site will also host a cultural space with a museum dedicated to paper and architecture and a large auditorium aimed at hosting events and projects on sustainable development issues.

The start of the production activity, in such a delicate moment for the country’s economy, will certainly bring economic development and new employment as it marks the turning point for the entire Pro-Gest Group which now looks ahead with even greater prospects.

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