New compact and powerful DuoShake 800 DG optimizes cross dimensional strength as well as formation of all paper grades

New compact and powerful DuoShake 800 DG optimizes cross dimensional strength as well as formation of all paper grades
DuoShake 800 DG.

The shaking unit DuoShake, already established on the market for decades, is now available with an 800 nM drive motor and the latest control and automation technologies. This complements the DuoShake DG designed for 250 nM, with both variants now achieving a stroke length of up to 35 mm.

The DuoShake 800 DG optimizes the alignment of the fibers in the cross direction and contributes to a homogeneous fiber distribution through a high-frequency shaking of the breast roll. This guarantees excellent formation of all paper grades and higher paper strength in the cross direction. The innovative shaking unit builds on several design innovations that enable increased paper quality and production speed. For example, the base only has to support the unit’s own weight. In addition, the design avoids reaction forces being transmitted to the foundation, headbox or wire section. The DuoShake 800 DG system is extremely robust, compact and requires very low maintenance.

Customers worldwide have been convinced by the shaking system, including an American recycled linerboard producer who wanted to optimize the sheet strength and basis weight of the paper – at maximum machine speed. “After installing and activating the DuoShake DG, the customer achieved an immediate increase in CD strength, which enabled a significant reduction in basis weight,” says Mitch Kilmer, Director Paper Machine Applications Voith Paper North America. “The resulting increase in MSF yield per ton allowed for a very short payback time on the investment.”

Cutting-edge technology meets digitalization

The DuoShake DG combines in-depth technical know-how for an efficient manufacturing process with optimized digitalization technologies from the Voith Papermaking 4.0 portfolio. Future paper production requirements are safely met and supported. “By adjusting the shake stroke or frequency, the optimum performance can be achieved during ongoing operation thanks to Voith expertise,” adds Hannes Slawik, Global Product & Service Management Forming Section at Voith Paper. “In addition, customers benefit from the convenient and intuitive control system with state-of-the-art monitoring functions.” As required, the DuoShake also generates a monthly performance and maintenance report, giving customers a practical overview of their plant.

Two sizes for individual requirements

The DuoShake DG is available in two sizes with drive motors of 250 or 800 Nm. The most suitable type and size can be determined roughly with the aid of the operating characteristic diagram and then on site. The DuoShake 800 DG, in particular, is characterized by its very compact design, combined with high performance.

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