VENTUS-TI The new tissue interfolder production line

Sometimes the time is just right for a new technical development. Recently the BW Converting Solutions platform decided that they wanted to substitute their long-time existing interfolder system W+D 619 by a state-of-the-art production line for folded facial tissues. The result is the new VENTUS-TI interfolder system which is made for high-speed production with up to 25 cycles per minute or 300 m/min of web speed.

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It is one of the first joint developments of Winkler+Dünnebier GmbH (W+D) and PCMC as part of the BW Converting Solutions platform which combines five leading converting brands under the umbrella of Barry-Wehmiller. That Hygiene Solutions division, which was formed in 2022, stands for system solutions for the manufacture and packaging of tissue folding and hygiene products. The VENTUS-TI is a further step of its success story, as the first machine has already been sold.

W+D has been setting benchmarks as a global leader in tissue handkerchief production technology

Folding rolls with packing and folding fingers of the new VENTUS-TI interfolder system

The new VENTUS-TI inherits the expertise and enhances the facial tissue product production capabilities of its predecessor, the W+D 619, but goes even further by broadening the possible product assortment capabilities to also include hand towel products. This is not only due to vacuum based folding but to the wide range of tissue web unwind options and the versatility of the web treatment processes that offer the possibility to produce a broad portfolio of different interfolding products. The VENTUS-TI is meant to be more sustainable than its predecessor and uses a new energy saving vacuum folding technology. The modular design provides not only the well-known flexibility of W+D systems but it also allows for later upgrades of the machine which makes it also sustainable by its longevity. Furthermore, the flexible design renders a quick cut-off length changeover which provides the possibility of producing several product options within a short-time period. The compact machine layout and unique design ensures high efficiency standards, easy operation and maintenance procedures. Especially the smart and simplified “SmartTouch” HMI Design facilitates the operation of the interfolder system and immensely relieves the operator´s everyday work life. For producers of interfold products, all these technical features make the new interfolder VENTUS-TI one of the best investments into the future.

Smart touch technology

Winkler+Dünnebier GmbH (W+D) and Paper Converting Machinery Company GmbH (PCMC) are part of global equipment manufacturer Barry-Wehmiller and its BW Converting Solutions (BWCS) platform.

Together, these two companies represent the hygiene sector of the BWCS platform and offer a wide range of high-performance machines and services to the hygiene industry worldwide. The comprehensive product offerings include converting lines for Dry and Wet Wipes, Baby Care, Fem Care, Light Inco, Adult Care and Face Mask. The direct strategic exchange between these leading brands now opens up even more benefits for their customers: the joint expertise creates innovative and powerful machinery for best possible manufacturing conditions and profitability leading to best performance. Quantum leaps in the development of leading-edge technology are implemented, thanks to joint R & D forces and cooperation synergies. Finally, a global team of more than 150 service technicians is now available for fast and efficient service in order to maintain and to optimize their customers’ operations. For more information, go to


The VENTUS-TI offers a wide product range from facial tissues to hand towels for everyday purposes
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