Pixel technology engraved roller.

The tissue market is changing. Premiumization and Digitization trends play an increasing role in the choice of converters. Offering personalized products to the specific customer’s needs has become one of the strengths of companies. Today the customers want to co-create with the supplier, being part of the creative and development teams from the early stage of the project for a better match of their requirements.

The challenge of Engraving Solutions is to provide customers with innovative solutions that answer and anticipate market changes and help them optimize their manufacturing performance.

For this reason, thanks to the technological know-how in the production of embossing rollers, and keeping continuous exchanges and workshop with the customers, we have expanded our offer with new digital and customized solutions that fit the new market trends and simplify the processes of development of new products. This assures the shortest time to market of a new product on the shelf.


New embossing technologies: Smoothie, Ghost, and Ex-Press

In 2018 we expanded our range of embossing rollers by creating three new embossing technologies: Ghost, Smoothie, Ex-press. Highly competitive products as an answer to the tissue market trends.

Ex-Press technology.

Ex-Press. It is dedicated to premium products. It allows to obtain highly decorated products, even with double colour, without having to use to printing groups, without limiting productive speed and maintaining the technical qualities of the most modern embossed products. Similar to Colour-Embossing, a simple pre-embossing station gives decoration with a first colour. A sequent second embossing phase, thanks to the use of a colored glue, creates an extremely personalized product. This method enables to produce soft, highly decorated and distinctive tissue rolls.

Ghost. We can define it as a micro-revolution, as for the first time the two engraving techniques, mechanical and chemical, are combined obtaining a decisively first-in-class kind of embossing. By applying this variable-density embossing, the “B side” of the multi-layer products becomes protagonist. Thanks to this process, the finished tissue product gains softness, bulk and resistant features with an extraordinary hand feel.

Smoothie. It has been designed for the entry level products while thinking of two major pain points to improve: making the paper smoother and to obtain more appealing products, both to the sight and to the touch. We achieved the goal thanks to a double-function embossing cylinder, applying consequently a decoration feature and a slight calendaring phase on the upper side of the web.

Touch’N’roll is the first 3D configurator for tissue products designed by Engraving Solutions Know-How


Touch’N’Roll. The new 3D embossing configurator by Engraving Solutions.


Touch’N’Roll – Design your tissue roll in One Touch

At Tissue World Milan we launched the new tissue configurator Touch’N’Roll. The new configurator aims to simplify the process of new product development. Through a digital platform accessible from PC or Tablet, in a few simple steps, the user can make a preview of the finished product, a real-time prototype, even before making a pilot line test. This allows the customer to have an early view of the product and reduce decision-making time.

The process is very simple:

  1. Choose between three predefined types of rolls: toilet rolls, kitchen towels, away-from-home;
  2. Insert technical specifications (height, diameter, virgin or recycled paper);
  3. Choose between up to 36 embossing patterns in eight colours for a total of 1,440 possible configurations;
  4. Obtain a preview of the final product.

The customer can consult at any time, remotely, the complete list of engravings made and have immediate availability and access to the technical data sheets of the rollers. Still through the platform, the customer can communicate directly with the Engraving Solutions experts, reserve a pilot test and check the order status of new rollers or product tests. A real digital experience that allows the customer to speed up the decision-making cycle and reduce its time-to-market. If you want to arrange a demo of the new tissue roll configurator, please contact Engraving Solutions.