In June 2023 SAEL will supply the control system for vacuum drive to Cartiera Fornaci in Italy

In June 2023 SAEL will supply the control system for vacuum drive to Cartiera Fornaci in Italy
Fornaci papermill in Italy.

A couple of years later the MC1 sectional drive liquid cooled, Cartiera Fornaci assigned to SAEL the vacuum pumps control. Due to the energy efficiency got from the last MC1 application, SAEL offered an extension of its Drive-DCS to properly manage the vacuum pumps vs. the maximum load applied before. The DCS recipe tool, combined with an electrical cabinet of 15 inverters, will run the application at the best fitting any kind of paper to be produced.

With just one click, the operator will set all the set points stored before (storing the existing functions as well). The operation will involve the MC and the steam. By a single recipe made and/or stored, all the other parameters like the scroll, setpoint, regulation, will apply to the entire Papermill system.

SAEL and innovation

The liquid cooled drives of SAEL, practically without tangential fans (one each inverter), allowed to remove all the ventilation normally mounted on every door of the electrical cabinet. The new electrical cabinets, previously obligatorily and abundantly conditioned, become normal rooms, since the system is independently cooled.

The double-sided electrical panels, where the inverters are mounted, have closed air recirculation ensuring no contamination of dust, humidity and air acidity; they preserve over time, in a perfect manner, all electronic, electromechanical and various components. The experience gained on the subject by the four Water-Cooled Sectional Drive system installed in Saci group – Ermolli papermill – Fornaci papermill – Sonoco Kilkis Grece and the excellent performance monitored over the years due above all to energy saving, will allow the paper mill to save a lot of money per year, eliminating the need for maintenance of the air conditioners and fans.

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