Weingrill S.r.l.

Weingrill S.r.l.


Established in 1952 Costruzioni Meccaniche Weingrill Ing. Zeno S.r.l. is today a leading company in the supply of key components for the paper machine. Weingrill started making mechanical jacks, reciprocating motors, special valves, air shutters, felt and wire guides, forced lubrication systems, increasingly gaining specialization in the field of the paper industry. Today the company is still a family owned company and maintains the organization based on the quality and effective efficiency and orients its mission to total Customer satisfy. An entrepreneurial politics focused to innovation allowed to a constant investment in modern systems of production and planning, concurring to increase to the productivity and the technological level of the services supplied to the Customers. With a capillary sales network the products with Weingrill brand name are present worldwide. Costruzioni Meccaniche Weingrill Ing. Zeno S.r.l. has been certified ISO 9001 since 1997.


address: Via Valpellice 63, 10060, San Secondo di Pinerolo (Torino) , Italy

phone: +39 0121 501 855

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Mr. Giovanni Fattori

Technical Manager
Mr. Italo Marchi

Mr. Fabrizio Canavosio