Toscana Spazzole Industriali S.r.l.

Toscana Spazzole Industriali S.r.l.


Toscana Spazzole Industriali is the result of a handicraft tradition which dates back to the second half of the 19th century and of a constant technical and entrepreneurial evolution, developed until today. Thanks to our flexibility, to the experience achieved by working in close contact with our clients and the high technological innovation, Toscana Spazzole Industriali is able to design, manufacture and repair customized punched brushes. Roll products winding, such as film and paper, ease their handling during transportation, fleeing wrinkling problems. Toscana Spazzole Industriali offers special solutions for the products laying out process, while keeping their fluffiness.


address: Via Ombrone 24, 59013, Oste-Montemurlo (PO) , Italy

phone: +39 0574 798237

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Renzo Biagini

General Manager
Lorenzo Biagini