Sicem Saga S.p.A.

Sicem Saga S.p.A.


Sicem Saga has over 50 years’ experience in pulp production field. A leading pulp producer in Europe, Sicem Saga has designed and developed a patented technology to optimize the inherent properties of poplar wood to produce pulp grades with brightness from 30-85, and shopper from 30-57. This technique allows Sicem Saga to adjust main mechanical properties to suit customers’ individual paper products.
Today the Company is proud to have a vast client portfolio around the globe. Sicem Saga has stable and long-term cooperation with customers in EU, and is also presented in Africa and Middle East. In 2010, SS entered China’s market, and has developed a strong group of customers producing cultural paper, packaging for consumer goods and food, tissues, wallpaper, etc. SS also provides pulp mix and use analysis for certain customs to help customers to achieve the right balance between quality and cost. It’s tested and proved by customers that SS CMP is excellent for high speed PMs and is of consistent quality.


address: Via Delle Industrie 58, 42026, Ciano d'Enza (RE) , Italy

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