Recard S.p.A

Recard S.p.A


Recard, an Italian company of the Tissue Valley of Lucca, is specialized in the customized design and production of machines and plants for tissue paper, manufactured using exclusively high-quality Italian or European products. Founded in 1962 by brothers Piero and Luciano Cardinotti together with Silvano Renieri, has attained industrial dimensions all the while maintaining its philosophy of a “craft laboratory”, a working philosophy that guarantees top production efficiency and allows placing the customer at the center of attention, creating a collaboration that goes well beyond the sale of a machine. Artisan craftsmanship, quality, competence, efficiency, reliability, flexible state-of-the-art technology, simplified organization and direct customer relationships allow supplying customized answers for the needs of companies of any size.


address: Loc. Biecina, 55019, Villa Basilica (Lucca) , Italy

phone: +39057243067

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Luciano Cardinotti

Managing Director
Riccardo Lorenzo Campo

Commercial & Marketing Director
Alberto Tomelleri

Chief Financial Officer
Silvio Renieri

Technical Manager
Piero Cesari