Pehart Tec

Pehart Tec


PEHART Petresti TEC SA is a company whose birth certificate was signed in May 2005 by purchasing the paper mill assets PEHART SA – specialized in manufacturing tissue paper and processing it into finished products. The company has a history and tradition back over 150 years in papermaking, experience that puts today with skill and responsibility in the service partners.

The company is part of the company MG TEC GROUPS Dej which includes 13 companies with operations mainly in building materials. Since its inception, management policy was based on the principle of investing in modern technological equipment with integrated production flow, able to deliver quality products to international standards.


address: 1 Mai nr. 1, 515850, Petresti (Alba) , Romania

phone: +40 358 401527

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Ioan Tecar

General Manager
Gabriel Stanciu

Sales Manager
Pompeius Borza

Marketing Manager
Elena Silas

Chief Financial Officer
Ancuta Irimie

Human Resources Director
Marius Ciceo

Technical Manager
Cristian Silas

Production Manager
Cristian Silas