Paniker S.L.

Paniker S.L.


We are leading manufacturers of cost-efficient adhesives for the tissue industry with more than 90 years of experience. We are able to provide a wide range of products, water based and solvent based adhesives, for different markets with the largest production capacity of Spain (44.000 ton/year) which complies with all regulations of Industrial Safety and Hygiene.

In addition to a high production capacity, we have our own Research and Development department completely focused on the engineering of products , capable of developing the best adhesive according to the needs and / or requirements of the Client /Market.

We are also part of the Beardow & Adams group, unique in hot melt adhesives and the only manufacturer of hotmelt adhesives with BRC certification.




address: Ctra. Barcelona a Sta Creu Calafell 68, 08830, Barcelona, Spain

phone: +34 93 640 21 16

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Mr. Francisco Perez Perez

General Manager
Mr. Francisco Perez

Sales Manager
Mr. Antonio Perez