O.M.T. S.r.l.

O.M.T.  S.r.l.


O.M.T., Italian leading manufacturer of Lucca Tissue Valley, designs and manufactures complete automatic lines for the converting and the wrapping of paper napkins, from 40 years.

Always focused on R&D, our lines features:
– The highest levels of technology and innovation
– Fully customized lines for any needs, from basic to sophisticated solutions, from medium to big production capacities
– High speed napkin folding lines, single or  double lanes, for printed and neutral napkins
– Evolution napkin wrapping machines
– OMT has developed the UNIQUE Glue-Less ECO Point to Point Microembosser;
this innovative system allows the production of an UNCONTAMINATED microembossed napkin, free from added chemicals and potential bacterial charges. A SOFT napkin and a GREEN, ECO-FRIENDLY final product


address: Via Vangile, 116/118, 51010, Massa e Cozzile ((PT)) , Italy

phone: +39 0572 767967

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Marcello Tommasi

Sales Manager
Samantha Tommasi

Technical Manager
Simone Tommasi

Technical Manager
Alessandro Tommasi