Mario Cotta – Zincometal Group

Mario Cotta – Zincometal Group


Mario Cotta is a privately held Italian company located in Milan, specialized in design and manufacturing of slitting systems for flexible materials for over 80 years and in the production of complementary products as pneumatic knife holders (shear cut, score cut and hot cut), pneumatic components, circular blades, mechanical bottom knives and top knife holders and linear blades too.

Mario Cotta presently manufactures a wide range of products for slitting systems, this allows us to offer our customers the most suitable solution to slit flexible materials such as: paper, cardboard, plastic films, rubber, glass fiber, aluminum, non-woven and laminated materials.


address: Corso Europa 87, S.P. 34, 20010, Inveruno (MI) , Italy

phone: +39 02 979661

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