Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe


Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH supplies and services Gas Turbine Generator Sets, preferably für high efficient Combined Heat and Power Systems with a single package power of 1,8 MWel up to 34 MWel. By using the key component Gas Turbine from Japan production the units are packaged in Germany respecting European/German norms and standards. We can deliver an extended scope of supply e.g. including Gas Booster, Steam- or Hot Water Boiler, Middle- and Low Voltage distribution, Transformers etc. Kawasaki is pushing the Hydrogen fuel use for our 1,8 MWel Gas Turbine, which is the only industrial Gas Turbine which can run with 100% Hydrogen. Further we build up marketing and related product support for the high efficient KAWASAKI Gas Engines KG-12 and KG-18 with 5,2 MWel and 7,8 MWel. These reciprocating engines demonstrate an efficiency of 50% at the generator terminals.


address: Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH, 61352, Bad Homburg (Hessen) , Germany

phone: +49617273630

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