Hüttenwerke Königsbronn GmbH

Hüttenwerke Königsbronn GmbH


Hüttenwerke Königsbronn
World Market Leader for Heated Calender Rolls!

Founded in 1365, HWK is the oldest German industrial company and started the production of chilled cast calender rolls in 1834. Our leadership for the calender rolls production is based on the continous development of materials and inovative roll designs. Almost 200 years of experience and close cooperation with all leading machine builders in the paper industry leads to optimized technical solutions for all possible applications. More than 5,000 heated calender rolls produced in Königsbronn are running in paper mills all over the world. All mile stones in the paper industry history – either in size, weight, speed or precision – are exclusively equipped with our rolls. HWK stands for knowledge, quality and precision.


address: Heidenheimer Straße 1, 89551, Königsbronn, Germany

phone: +49 7328 83 0

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Dr. Heiko Hesemann

Sales Manager
Bernd Eppli

Plant Manager
Fred Behr

Technical Manager
Jörg Holzhäuer

Purchase Manager
Moritz Widmann