Eurotronix srl

Eurotronix srl


Eurotronix is an Italian company active worldwide in the design and production of QCS, DCS and related components systems, mainly for the paper, plastics, textiles and steel industries. The high specialization and experience of our engineers and technicians has made Eurotronix an exciting supplier for superior technological proposals as well as for the assistance and services we provide our customers.
A key part of our know-how the ongoing R&D which lets us quickly and innovatively meet the needs of customers, and reach and maintain the goals of effectiveness and efficiency of the systems.

Our customers belong to different areas of the production/industrial sector, and our solutions are studied ad hoc to respond to each of these sectors: Paper, Plastics, Textile and Steel Industry.


address: via artigianale, 43, 25010, Montirone (BS) , Italy

phone: +39 0308840039



Bellotti Luca

General Manager
Bellotti Davide

Sales Manager
Stefano Traballoni