Enrico Toniolo S.r.l.

Enrico Toniolo S.r.l.


Enrico Toniolo S.r.l. is a Company operating from the year 1910 in the following fields:   Laboratory Apparatuses,  Paper Industries Plants Apparatuses, Technical Assistance.

Printing Apparatuses – Italian Agent for IGT TESTING SYSTEMS

Paper Industries Plants Apparatuses – Italian Agent for VALMET SPA

Semi-finished products – Italian Agent for SWISS QUALITY PAPER AG

Moisture Control Meters: Italian Agent for DOSER MESSTECHNIK GmbH


address: Via Bergognone 27, 20144, Milano, Italy

phone: +39 028321378

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Dott.Ing. Giorgio Toniolo Augier

General Manager
Dott. Ing. Giorgio Toniolo Augier

Sales Manager
D.ssa Federica Castelli - Filippo Toniolo Augier

Marketing Manager
Filippo Toniolo Augier

Chief Financial Officer
Rag. Elena Arpesella

Technical Manager
Dott. Ing. Giorgio Toniolo Augier