Deublin Italiana s.r.l.

Deublin Italiana s.r.l.


Deublin paper applications span the production chain from the raw pulp and paper mills, to the downstream paper converters. Mills use steam joint and siphon systems and water unions for heating and cooling. Converters use rotating unions for heating and cooling rolls, as well as winders with air clutches and brakes. Pulp and Paper Mills: Massive equipment is used to manufacture paper rolls from raw pulp. Deublin rotating unions are used in the headbox, press rolls and nip rolls, while the dryer section employs Deublin steam joints and siphons for steam and condensate removal. Calendar rolls require unions for either steam or hot water. Paper Converting: Large parent rolls of paper from the mill are placed on winders with air clutches and brakes so that paper rolls can be heated or cooled, coated, cut, slit or cured. Deublin rotating unions are used for heating and cooling rolls.


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