CST Centro Servizi Tecnici

CST Centro Servizi Tecnici


CST Centro Servizi Tecnici S.r.l. has been operating in the industry field since 1987, providing solutions in production, processing and services areas, with particular attention to safety and environment. The Company has well integrated technical and customer departments able to provide complete solutions to clients, both in the study and setting up of ready-to-go systems. To date, CST’s main activity is the construction of complete systems and plants (buildings, mechanical, electrical equipment and machinery)


address: Scali Rosciano 13/14, 57123, Livorno, Italy

phone: +39 0586 895489

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Giovanni Sgherri

General Manager
Massimo Trichilo

Chief Financial Officer
Consuelo Bagnoli

Technical Manager
Andrea Giorgi

Production Manager
Tonio Spinelli

Automation Manager
Andrea Giorgi

Engineering Services
Enrico Pini

Chief Designer
Cristina Luckenbach

Structural Engineer
Federico Caturelli