Azmec S.r.l.

Azmec S.r.l.


Azmec was founded in 1960 and started his work like a company specialized in the mechanical workings for external companies. In the year 1964 Azmec starts the production of liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors and, at the beginning, the turnover is exclusively for the national market. In the year 1988, the total ownership is bought from a group already present  in the pump market and the company enlarges its targets both technically and commercially. Today  the Azmec  production is coming from the two sites of Genova and Verderio, a small town near Lecco; the site in Verderio, opened in 1993, is projecting and producing the vacuum pumps with the most updated technologies. The castings are machined through CNC tool machines and the tests are done in the new internal testing room, fitted out with the most updated instrumentation and available  to test machines having an absorbed power up to 250 kw. From 1960 up to 1990 the site in Genova  was involved in the production of liquid ring vacuum pumps and in the mechanical working for external companies.Starting from 1993 the main production site of the pumps  is in Verderio while the site in Genova is mainly dedicated to the mechanical workings for external companies and to the industrial maintenances in  the mechanical market; clearly the synergy between the two sites is real advantage for granting to the customers the utmost punctuality in the delivery times. Azmec has obtained since 1998 the certification of the company Quality System in accordance with the rules UNI EN ISO 9001; the certificate is regularly renewed.




address: Via Piave, 79, 23879, Verderio (LC) , Italy

phone: +39(0)39514323

email website


General Manager
Dr. Claudio Vergani

Business Unit Director
Miss Solange Cortellini

Technical Manager
Mr. Marco Mancarella

Technical Department
Mr. Stefano Corno

Accounting Department
Miss Barbara Sesana


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