Massimiliano Corsini srl

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  • Via delle Molina 69
  • 51012 Veneri di Pescia - PT
  • Italy
  • phone: +39 0572 429053
  • fax: +39 0572 429306
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    The company manufactures a complete range of Combining Slitter Rewinders for Tissue, further to rewinders for paper and board, pope reels and other equipment for the paper industry.

    The acquisition of FOCUS from Futura SPA has completed the range of high performance tissue rewinders.

    The company has also developed a concept of winding called No-Stress.  This concept  starts from using Electromechanical relieving systems, for rider roll and chucks carriages, and arrives to a completely new and innovative way of removing the finished reels from the winding position when the target diameter has been reached. Pulling and Positioning instead of Pushing is the latest innovation

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    • President: Massimiliano Corsini
    • General Manager: Massimiliano Corsini
    • Sales Manager: Mauro Della Santa
    • Marketing Manager: Mauro Della Santa
    • Plant Manager: Enrico Marchi
    • Technical Manager: Fabrizio Bartolini
    • Production Manager: Filippo Romagnani
    • Automation Manager: Porcu Roberto
    • Assistant Manager: Laurenzia Parenti